Friday, September 25

Who Would Have Thought!

Four Legit Whole–cars on the Thalys! JONONE, SEAK, SOZYONE & ZEDZ!


  1. finaly a transport company that is using thier brain,still though, it kinda dilutes the culture just that little bit more ?,the best years in graff were finished by 1986 anyway,new york trains & styles of that time where it - end of story,its been downhill ever since :)graffiti culture know is mainly just illustration-signwriting(pretty pictures done with legal permission) and has very little do do with the origional movement,the true power has been lost almost completely, props to those who still smash shit up with tags and destruction xox

  2. oooooh controversy :)

  3. what a generic crock of shit to say its been down hill ever since 86. graf has always been about style and there are those that shine brighter and continue to evolve, dissect, mutate, create and recreate styles. legal, illegal or both. it was never just about taking on the system but getting up with style. 86 or NOW.

  4. to wak for words

  5. Its just that there was an entire, complete history that ran from 83 til 86 complete with various "firsts" and other innovations that had no precedents. Some people feel that this generation was the best cos they were first. Like an accident of birth determines how dope you are. Get over yourself and your era, like a fucken souffle, its done. Give props to those who improved on your vision. BTW I dont see any whole cars by anyone on this page? Are they hidden or some shit??

  6. yeah new york died early eighties
    melbourne died early nineties
    word up 2 all involved - past and present !!
    good egg 84

  7. "Some people feel that this generation was the best cos they were first."

    No...that generation WERE the dopest ! Tell me differently, eh? You think that these poofy murals being painted at the moment are really "Graff"? Get fucked ! No way..they are fukn wak !I suppose you are the type of "hardcore writer" that runs around with a fire-hydrant spraying your wakness 20 meters high..or on an inner city roof top and you assume you are a member of the hip-hop grafitti culture. I dont see anyone who has improved the vision..just a heap of fools runnin around and stabbing eahc other, rather than letting the can do the talkin' !
    Face it, those older dudes set a standard that will NEVER be reached again..and I bet they wouldn't waste their time mentoring us !

    Like my mother said...we should respect our elders !!

  8. Look, Im not trying to take away anything from the era the Kings Way people came up in. Shit I was lucky enough to experience that shit first hand, albeit as a youngster who looked up to mad cats. It was just a shame I wasnt older at the time but I cant really help that can I? The conditions that allowed graffiti to thrive in those years will never be recreated to be sure but that has got more to do with the way society and the railway system was/is ordered not to mention the relative ignorance ordinary members of the community (and the authorities) had to the artform at that time. It is not due to some intangible quality of innate greatness that the practitioners were supposed to possess. Put some of the writers of today into that environment and theyd probably do just as well as the pioneers. Some of those old schoolers were just around at the right time in history. Theres plenty of writers carrying on the old bombing tradition, and they dont go around stabbing or doing anything of the sort. Thats a bit of a generalisation, as some of the "poofy murals" as you describe them are indeed done by the old school crews from the era you big up so much.

  9. things just aint da same no more
    back in tha day u had to sus shit out yourself , record releases , good spots 2 rack , artist discographies , clothing n footwear , walls etc....
    was eazy e to rack and bomb back in da 80s
    nowdays anyone can become an expert thanks to da net and everything is commercial fairy shit
    new skool dudes think their all that
    but havent experienced as much and i dont see much originality with these cats....i b bombin 85-91 belgrave line and shit was crazy
    walked most lines and had one of the best photo collections until a junkie i was living with stole them all !!!!!
    damn , that book missed my pics .
    good work 2 all involved
    word up
    nebula c

  10. "Some people feel that this generation was the best cos they were first."

    Sour grapes from the first generation of Children bought up on the Wiggles instead of the A-Team

    Ok..then you are right. .I dare you to write a book about these hardcore times of today's "Google graffers" "YouTube Toys" any other 'emo' with a stencil. Of course you would need to wait in 20 years. By then..all your gen will move on...cos they are not so dedicated. Then go and see how many people steal it..let alone buy it.

    So i suppose you are saying that todays gen are just as good as those like Seen, Cap, Zephyr, Dondi.....need I say more?



  12. haha this is funny, there are well painted walls around theese days,no doubts, but it just doesnt have the same energy,rawness,innocence or meaning it seemed to have in days of old,at some point in the development it has become more about trying to gain the publics acceptance by painting nice neat orderly pretty pictures with characters and backgrounds,that shits not graff,thats sign writing(maybe if it was done illegaly on trains it would rate?),real graff aint about trying to win the publics aproval and get a lil pat on the head for being a good lil puppy dog, its about letters,names,destruction,battling with style in the underground,and the ocassional bit of stabing,mummys boys and nerdy illustrators should fuck off and go back to decorating childrens books & nurserys and wearing skin tight jeans with emo haircuts,peace out to all the sick kunts who still tag thier names all over public property,thats the true spirit of graff right there ;)

  13. A can of worms...we have opened a big ol' can o' worms..(and not the DMA type)and it is a discussion that is long over due. discussion or correspondence will be entered into by the judges !

    It's over you new step off and update ya Facebook profiles. but ya not gonna meet any real writers that way..We used to have to do loops on the train to meet dudes..and if they did not like were not down. You would maybe even cop a smack in the mouth if you were really wak !
    So different to "meeting" writers on the internet. We had more real "friends" than your imaginary friends that you add to your homo-erotic facebook pages.

    Ones that had style, finesse and dash... so you is all good. We know you cant help being born in a lame technocratic era,but please save your frustration for your next alleyway "mural of inner-urban teen angst"..

    Bitches !

    Word to the real hardcore !!!!! 1983 'til 1993...A golden age !!! Everybody it and weep !!

    Dr Rap !

  14. Oh yeah..I almost forgot..
    Another thing..

    STOP WEARING OUR FUCKIN AIR MAX ! You young dudes look silly..What's next..wearing ya grandpa's platform shoes and flares?

    If you wanna wear a true 2000's article of footwear..(cos like a souffle..old Air Max are done) wear some fuckin PINK CROCS..

    Thats all..
    Back to work

    Dr Rap !

  15. Dr Rap for prez is all i can say

  16. Yeah its like those ten years 83 till 93 never happened and these cock heads today are too scared to tag trains. Big ups to the heads still puttin tags and throwies on train carriages. You know who you are. Even if I see a toy tag on a train. Its good cos ITS ON A TRAIN.

  17. Todays graf is wak. No doubt about it. Wheres the style? Wheres the crazy lettering?? Whats with all this Euro bullshit? Take a look at Greco from KSA. People are going around calling him a King. Seriously, what the fuck. Have you seen his wak shit? That is NOT graf. Save that shit for inner city alleyways next to those wak stencils. You young cunts need to get some fucking style.

    1. Ha ha! Totally agree...

  18. Dr Rap agrees.. And I shall lecture about it !


    Do you stupid young cunts know what they are?

    Or does ya Mum drive ya to Bunnings and shouts ya cans of paint on her credit card? Can't rack them, eh? Does she then put all ya wak coloured "wittle spway cans" in the back of her Range Rover 4WD and drop her little "street-artist" : Child (Read: Adult of 23 still living at home) off to the a pathetic 'legal' and see the PUS uploaded for all the other dumb fucks to look at on YouTube? Or FuckFaceBook..or.TrySpace.. And say things like.. "you are so hardcore".."so real..."

    Fuckin get back on The Met you little faggots.. Stop destroying Melbourne with ya WAKNESS tags with no style whatsoever all over CBD buildings, freeways and other undeserving spots.

    Just get fucked !

    And to all the hardcore still bombin the transit system, Fuckin keep it up, y'all !!

    There ARE some dudes and crews tryin to keep it real with at the moment..shame about the rest of the halfsteppers. !

    Recognise the real....

    Tempera Thirty Mill

    AKA Dr Rap !


    Dr Breakdance.

  20. OOOH goody, another bite..ot is that biter.

    Yo Yo Yo.....Dr Breakdance???....CAPS LOCK?? Turn it off. And what you say is ALL true..Except about Peter he sells the Big Issue in the Bourke St Mall.....

    Again, it is hard to argue, so I will agree...

    Yes, we are living in OUR past, so fuck off and go live in your 20 won't be anywhere near as good as the 80s and early 90s..and you know it.

    By the way, some genius started bagging us 'old cunts' without any provocation...And again..I will quote that mental Giant..."Get over yourself and your era.."

    So..lets use our brains seems that some people are hating because the timing of THEIR OWN "accidental birth" was in a fuckin head case era..self-absorbed, materialistic and full of Hedonism...Enjoy it ! But I repeat..REAL GRAFF IS DEAD ! You are not keeping graff some fuckn are just kicking around a dead carcass..must be getting pretty rancid, eh?

    If you can't paint trains, why would you bother? It always was about GOING ALL-CITY...thats the REAL reason why most of the writers frow KW era were into the graff scene..sure the 'art' looks nice, but it was always about the Met... Seeing your shit rockin all lines was the true meaning of it.

    Still...I am not too sure what all the fuss and hating is about. Simple really...just don't try and pretend your are down with REAL graff..when in the words of Double K from Beat Street..."You ain't down wif nuttin".

    To the 80s and 90s it was about trains...just like in the 70s disco was about flares and and step off and leave it alone.

    Appreciate the argument though...I enjoy it.

    Feel free to fire back some more 'sour grapes' when ever you muster up the courage ! Perhaps it can be done after you go down and remind the RSL and Bowls Club members about their "accidental births"..and how you are keeping it realer than them.....

    Suckers never recognise.......

    Dr Rap

  21. Hey I bombed in 89 too man, and in a sense I agree with you although my own personal knowledge of bombing the trains lead me to these conclusions. Im sayin that cats today will NEVER replicate that era of train bombin and they have a different cultural reference point to you and I. Somewhere along the line the old traditions and knowledge was lost as the train system changed, the buffers did their blast and cages went up, there was cameras placed on the insides, schedules were moved around to disallow empty carriages from being exploited and people were prosecuted by the court system, sent to jail and all the rest of it. To go and try and be as hardcore now as you could then, is virtually impossible. Its not for lack of trying. Its has to be acknowledged that the efforts of the authorities have pretty much worked, to destroy the essence of that cultural experience we enjoyed back then. Its not the fault of the writers of today that they arent as good or that they have adopted a different strategy to execute this artform. I blame society in general. Peace.

    Dr Breakdance.

  22. i stll do panels and insides every week so stop bitching and get out there. ps and i have been going since the early 80's and wont stop till im dead.

  23. And what do you do it for? Theres really no reason other than to collect flicks for yourself and your few mates who still care, Im talking about when it used to BE A CULTURE. Its just something kids and older misguided adults still do to recapture their youth. Its lame, your lame and Im sure the shit you do is lame. But go ahead and keep going, its just that its so lonely out there for writers bombing trains when noone really does it anymore and people just get busted for something noone will probably appreciate cos it'll get buffed. People have camera phones they take photos of you and freak out when they see you bombing or doing anything out of the ordinary. The risk is too great for the little reward you get with train taggin and run ups and shit.

    Dr Breakdance.

  24. So, the New York scene died in the early 80s and the Melbourne scene started in early 80s?

    Seems strange that NY legends Phase 2 and Daze were so positive about the developing Melbourne scene when they came down under in the mid 80s? I don't recall them dissing the current writers of the day with comments about 'graf being dead' or other negative sentimentality. They could have easily dismissed the newly developed Melbourne scene as toy, naive or derivative of New York (which it was), but they didn't.

    Instead, they provided encouragement and embraced the development and subsequent progression of the art movement that they created. They were positive and excited about the future of the movement and the new styles that would evolve (I know Phase 2 was especially fond of Merda's unique take on letter development.)

    Those New York pioneers were truly progressive. Living and creating in the present, but always looking to the future.

    What a contrast to the bitter, negative, retrogressive sentimentality of Dr Rap et al... y'all sound like the two grumpy old bastards on The Muppets.

    Respect to the past, present and future.


  25. Aaarrghh!!! Dr Breakdance ! I never said you can still bomb trains..I just said that anything else is simply 'art'..not true bombin'. I know you can get really fucked over these days for bombin trains. That said I would not do it today (if I were younger)..cos I would not have been attracted to todays scene of alleyways and shit....It was about goin all-city Do you get it??

    Yo Gonzo..

    They came to Melbourne cos we had a dope scene ! And I guess they knew before we did that we had trains..ready to cover with dopeness. You even said that they began to bite Merda..(sort of).
    Who comes over to Oz these days??...Fuckn Banksy!
    Seems that I have touched some raw nerves here and we could go on until the cows come home, but I can't be fucked wasting precious kilobytes of as a final word let me paraphrase:

    Dr Rap saw a comment telling us old codgers to get over ourselves..because some dude expressed his disgust at REAL graffs rise and fall in he responded and look at the fuckin responses from the 'new-school'...they might be telling us how word the scene is today....but

    I never said that you can still bomb trains

    So yes, thanks for agreeing..I am right...the trains were it...and anything else is a compromise. It is a sad place to be and I pity those emulators who missed out.

    So I will keep scouring the walls on the line looking for some real shit out there...I acknowledge it does exist...but it will never be the same as rocking my head left to right watching the passing parade of metal giants....

    Peace Out !

    Dr Rap AKA Waldorf or Statler from the Muppets :)

  26. no potency left in graff, even well done legal pieces done with the best paint & colours money can buy, more often than not look a bit lifeless and uninspired, graff back then was more about the energy & vitality ,it was unchartered waters full of possibility and adventure, now days the path has been so well travelled its almost as if you can buy a tour package from the local travel agent so you can go see the same aproved landmarks that every other well fed tourist sees from the back of the luxury tour bus,same ol recycled shit again and again,society has put a leash on this culture and tamed it down to the point of borinnnng,kids need to stop painting in public fullstop and go back underground for this culture to maintain any sort of self respect, as it is now, its been reduced to a consumer entertainment package/culture served with popCORN and COCA-COLA TM

  27. Dr Rap seems to have the majority on this forum in his favour...he must have started to think he was on his own there for a bit..but there are so many valid points old timers have made. I dont think this argument has any more legs, debate should be closed !

    Todays graff is like the Hey Hey its Saturday first looks as good as it used to be but after a few minutes it looks rather lame when it is compared to it's former glory. Good for a quick look...but you soon tire of it and change the channel !

    Ossie Ostrich !

  28. yo dont dis darryl coz ill throw a donkey kong barrel
    good egg 85 - 91

  29. Of course I "get it" that then it was about getting up and today its about shit fuck all, I agree with you that its lost focus. Im just in disagreeance about the reasons. You said it was cos todays kids dont have the mettle or the inclination to focus on train bombing and getting up. I am merely pointing out some objective reasons behind this lack of commitment. The authorities.

    Dr Breakdance.

  30. Aah, good old common sense has finally kicked in, and I quote..

    "Of course I "get it" that then it was about getting up and today its about shit fuck

  31. when ever i see a wall pieced up theese days,covered in prettyness and pink, i cant help but think of poodles and guys with emo haircuts who wear dresses, sipping capucinos while they discuss what a hunk justin timberlake is & whether or not they have heard the latest elton john record?, theres something about it all that just doesnt seem right anymore ? :)

  32. Comment above. You are right. The current grafitti generation are sus. Their emo culture and their links to homo-erotic tendencies are blatantly obvious ! Faggots like Corey Worthington would have got smacked down to a pulp.

    Loving the blog...

  33. "Aah, good old common sense has finally kicked in, and I quote.."

    Im just glad I dont wallow in nostalgia the way some seem to do. I understand the REASONS why things are completely different from the Kings Way years, unlike a hater like yourself, who probably hasnt tagged anythin in over 20 years.

    Dr Breakdance.

  34. Hey DR BREAKDANCE are you from QLD, did you do this?,27574,26258646-421,00.html

  35. haters, why even talk to some toy on a blog if youre so real seems sus on youre cred to me. its harder to get up these days more heart if you ask me. half the seen ua burners you love so much are probaly seen tc5. alot of the best old school writers still write and get down with the yg.
    buster you only used to watch the trains it aint hard to tell. I like being a minority less sucker punks like you! emo fags dress more like you did than any writers i know, girls jeans and fucked up hair sounds likes 80's to me. keep ya air max 90's , 180's are ours. fuck legals you need to get out more shits real. wtf did you stand for, what was youre power? you never had none.

  36. emulate?? what do really think you invented something? melburn 80s was biting NY late 70s Did you think you were 1st 2 use arrows??? Culture was created in ny we just bit them. shits global now want trains to run go to italy want fresh nu style sao paulo nostalgia new york now thats putting in some work. to bad if your old, dont write, and have responsibilities like keeping toy teens in line online while 9 2 5n...

  37. hey yo u trippin
    jus like scotty pippin
    me i be sippin
    on milo n milk while fishin

    mane i be tha best melb mc
    old skool but ready to battle any 1
    harry burgess in effekt

  38. you sent me a message, but that wasnt an e, it was an a, youre gay, you want to give me a massage...

  39. Again...who started this shit by telling us old cunts to get over ourselves?
    Yeah, I thought so...

  40. old cunts are sick they got the best times in melb graff. i love graff today but its not the same as mad trains runin. no contest. i think duel said a time machine is a writers dream, i would go back just to rock melburn in those days let alone newyork...

  41. I always knew some younger dudes ARE wise like the person making the comment above. He obviously knows his onions, unlike other Muppets on this blog. Cheers Bloke, not all of the new school have their skulls hanging outta theyre arse. Other blogger callin us haters....
    your lack of knowledge is extremely hilarious..Air 180s are also ours 1990-1991 so again, go and re-learn ya past.

    Seems I have touched some raw nerves here...but healthy debate is what makes the (democratic)world go round...

    The Blog Troll....

  42. Yo Yo Yo ...Blog Troll or should I say Dr Rap? I may have questioned your negativity, but I never questioned your stance on the current graf scene!

    You want onions...? Here are some thoughts from tha Gonz!

    Dr Rap and Dr Breakdance both make valid points, but it's a massive oversimplification to just say it's 'the authorities' or 'society' that are holding back the new generation of writers. The climate has changed and for better or worse, the whole movement has converged on a global scale

    The most significant factor to the globalisation of graffiti has to be the internet. The accessibility of the web has provided a breeding ground for a copy-n-paste mentality (ie: old fashioned biting), where new generation writers no longer have to look at the scene around them for inspiration and more often than not will be seduced by the latest trends/styles from abroad. As a result, you can now hardly distinguish a wall from London or Brazil or an alley in Melbourne. This is a real shame as one of the best things about the (pre 2000) scene in Australia was the diversity. Each state had it's own flavor and within that style there were subtleties unique to each suburb, train line and crew.

    Nowadays we live in world of disposable styles. A corporate-sponsored, shiny, neon-coloured, superficial cartoon world - it's no longer 'graffiti''s 'graffiti lite' 99% fat-free. Whatever style you like is there for the taking, and as a result, graffiti has lost its mystique and soul.

    It seems the local traditions created by 1st, 2nd & 3rd gen writers seem to have been left behind in favor of a global, anything-goes, street-art ideology. The desire to re-create something like the New York subway scene is practically non-existent. Dr Breakdance makes a valid point in saying that painting/bombing trains has become more difficult, however, he fails to acknowledge that the new generation are just not inspired in the same way as the Kings Way era writers. As a writer who was bombing in 89, Dr Breakdance is hardly a representative of the new school and with his apparent 20 years experience, he clearly appreciates both the past & present. But would a newbie share his views or desire to paint steel? I'd say probably not, as their frame of reference and motivation is completely different. Or to put it another way - trains & bombing just ain't part of the new culture.

    In fact, you have to wonder what motivates the new generation? Is it supposed hip-factor of being a 'street artist'? The fact that locals & tourists flock to the laneways in Melbourne with their mobile phone cameras in hand, illustrates just how trendy the notion of graffiti has become. Let's be honest, 'Graffiti' sold-out along time ago, but every year it seems to get more and more commercial, as advertisers/marketers, fashionistas and big business all take their bite. Will there be a backlash? Will 'trend-setters' declare street-art dead? It will be interesting to see just how many of the current generation will persist with painting, however I somehow doubt there will be the same long-term dedication and pioneering of earlier generations. Time will tell.

    When I look through Kings Way I see all the things that inspired me to write - dope letters, fresh tags, cool characters it's a shame that the same feeling and energy doesn't come through in the current scene. I like the title 'Kings Way', but perhaps the title should have been called 'Melbourne Style', as the book documents the birth, subsequent boom and the ultimate demise of a truly original era where style was king.

    Melbourne Style R.I.P


  43. Gonzo...I could not have put it better myself. You have a way with words that Dr Rap should have used. Sorry bout being obnoxious...I just got fired up too easy. But I agree was a different era. Never meant to piss anybody off..but I thought that some things needed to be responded to.

    Dudes arent gonna sit around today gettin fucked up by drinkin Absinthe, wearing a monocle and top hat..rubbing their twilry moustaches in like France circa 1880's like Van Gogh and Gauguin, those days are well and truly over by about a 120 years..but those 1880s artists are still held in high esteem by the art world.No one bags them for baing born in that era...

    Times have changed...but I think a distinction must be made between the old train vs new alley styles that are out there now..

    Sorry to put noses outta joint...but I think I made my point...

    1980s Melbourne....RIP.

    So lets move on and try and get some originality back on the scene.


    Dr Rap !

  44. hhmmm, think il go have a wank ?

  45. the trains at top hold some potential what if???
    i think the kids today still need that outlet too express themselves finding a style thats thiers, i know i did, not having anything its still accessible to feel like your somebody.
    thanks sooo much for the book its given me inspiration i thought was gone, the freshest styles!!! i hope it rubs off on the kids who probaly had no idea how deep the styles of melbs went, lets see some fresh melbs burners they have no excuse now.
    PIECE to anyone keeping it real in MB.
    DSKIZ you're the GREATEST EVER word!
    thankyou so much. Im going too wank...

  46. Has anyone got the full ABC Factory segments. I wanna hear what they are screaming at the camera. Tania Lacey was hot. Pigtails n shit. Who is that mad cunt with the fuckin' mad half shaved head with the flat top? Is it that the Phil Ivanov dude talking on that forum panel show in the Mase clip? I wanna get one next time im at my local tobacconist/barber shop. Fuckn hard as. Also, whose that staunch dude with shiners in the book? Black eyes are def hardcore. I might give myself one right about..."SMASH" !

    Thanks boys!

    The Hon. former Victorian Premier
    John Cain.

  47. Yo Dr Rap! Your initial attitude towards the new school was understandable, seeing that you (and your generation) were somewhat provoked. However, your humble apology illustrates a kind of mutual respect that's rarely seen these days Kangol hat's off to you!

    Rather than draw a line in the sand between old and new school styles, I'd like to see some old masters come out of retirement and collaborate with some of the new generation. Perhaps they could both teach each other a thing or two about painting. You only need look at NEW 2's recent work with Akuze and AFP to see how 'old and new' can work some magic together. So perhaps Melbourne can reclaim tha throne after all!

    Yo John Cain:
    The crazy dude with the cool flat-top was non other than wildstyle master RANSOM! He certainly had a strong presence both on screen and on tha Walls (not to take away from the other great writers in the clip!). I agree, I'd be fresh to see some of that old footage (The Factory, 60 Minutes story etc) posted on Youtube with the original audio ...would love to hear some of that 80s B-Boy banter! Word up to MASE if you're reading this!

    ...and yeah, I certainly wouldn't mind seeing that Tania in some Lacey underwear, especially with those 'Pigtails n shit'! ;)


  48. tania lacey was a snobby try hard cunt who had no time for our type off camera, a smile directed in her direction would have been met with a sour glare unless you were a yuppy homo,,

  49. Thanks Gonz. A collaboration would be pretty cool. I reckon young writers would be stoked to get lessons from the masters..the old school may even learn something from the new school. I have enjoyed the debate and glad we have come to nice conclusion. You are right, we are all family so we should not be arguing over petty stuff.

    Again apologies for being an arse !

    But I still think stencils suck ;0

    Cheers Bloke !

    Dr Rap !

  50. Gonzo bombing will always be a part of the culture. Stencils and things arent graffiti they are street art, theres a difference. Im talking about people who still see themselves as rebellious little terds who like to make a mess. That shit will never go away. The mess will just be somewhere and something different from the 80s era. A stencil is a political or statement of wankery and I did acknowledge that todays writers have a different cultural reference point than old school writers, maybe you should read what I actually wrote. I place much importance on the fact that trains are more difficult to bomb as it was Dr Rap who argued that getting up was the most important thing to yesterdays generation and should be to today's as well. I explained why this isnt so. You dont need to explain to me the effect of the global painting culture on the local one, its widened the areas where graffiti has traditionally been found (freights as opposed to subway cars, bridges, freeways, tops of buildings and whatever else you think will get some exposure). I also said I bombed in 89 but was pretty much just starting out. Peace to Dr Rap and Gonzo. I am passionate about this sub culture but was not old enough to have REALLY bombed in 89. Just little sneaky tags on the back of carriages. The early 90s were good to me though. I lived that era like it was 89. New Two was and still is KING. Peace out.

    Dr Breakdance.

  51. Yo Dr Breakdance, Good to hear back from ya! You make some fair points about both the state of the graf scene and my long-winded comments! ;) I did actually read what you had previously written, but sometimes feel the need to get up on the soapbox and state the obvious to all those listening! As it turns out we seem to have much in common, both starting out around late 89 and living it large in the 90s! In fact there's a good chance we may have crossed paths ...depending on which line you're from of course! Belgrave/Lilydale for me.

    Whilst we might have had our differences, one thing we can agree on for sure is that NEW2 is numero uno! KING for sure, but it's a crown he shares with TAME!


  52. Coming into the graff scene on the tail end of the 2nd gen writers I was fortunate enough to spend my days doing loops, insides, hangouts, dropdowns and run-ups, cooking inks, etc... Them right there WERE the f'n days. Purely and simply the Golden Era. ALTHOUGH, that said. The cameras, fast response callouts, alarms 3yrs jail terms etc killed it for most, although you must admit the humour evoked when you think of the system killing train graff ended up with it spilling out onto the street is very funny, and don't get me wrong, a good tag is a good tag wherever it is. BUT, no-one here should, being I'm assuming legit graffers, either old-school or new, be lumping that Stencil filth in with the scene, or giving props to the "blow ya own trumpet" types that flood the mags and internet with there photos.... that right there is what truely killed the scene. Throw in this "new-school" attitude where dudes don't care who they cap, paint anything, have total disrespect and disregard, and wouldn't know who was there before them, and to top it off are tagging up names that any true "graffer" should well and farken truely know better. Where did did respect go? Where did the "burn it or leave it" attutude go? And even if you COULD burn it, you left it be for no other reason than FRIGGIN RESPECT. Niggers know, and real recognises real.

  53. First of all mad respect on the new book and those who are keeping it real.I totaly agree with the comments above and some whithin.Im from Brisbane started bombin in 88 and still writing to this day and till i die for that matter.What this new generation of writers are missing not all but most is the 'respect' that we were schooled up Phase2 said in style wars "you must respect & respect old school".Writers now days think they invented this shit and their attitudes need an adjustment.Back in those days it was about getting up all city all everything to earn your respect.Most cities had their version of the writers bench where writer met and exchanged blackbooks showed phlicks of their latest missions and dedicated works.Now a writer does a coupla pieces setts up a website and calls him self 'king'?Some writers now days are more thughs lookin for their next excuse to pound some ones head in then looking for their next wall to paint or scoping out their local yard to paint that metal monster.If we had beef with some crew or some writer sure fists would fly if they had to but we would rather battle it out on a wall and resolve it and respect would be re-stated.Real respect is whats missing now days,i dont know how most of this gen of writers get through their front doors each day with heads that big.Peace,Inker One.

  54. the early days of graf were like a magical landscape that can never be relived.every new piece or burner was a sight to behold cause no one had seen anything like it before.these times can never be beaten! the 80's were a blank canvas that the new gen is just repainting!!
    coma 72

  55. Just this past week I've seen young taggers capping a Der and Tame peice, that in my opinion was one of the best on the line. Now, I'm aware these kids got it "legalled" and are attempting a production and all, but, really.... CAPPING TAME and DERS??? Honestly, the hell is the scene turning into???? This past year alone I've seen numerous TAMEs, CUREs and even GHERKS (rip) capped by young punks who've been "bombin" for up to 2 years.... SHAME, SHAME F'n SHAME.....
    -Slaya PBP.

  56. i been paintin since 94 and watched things change in sydney.waffles are nearly now non existant,the yards are like fort knocks,and if ya get crusted, the cops crucifie ya.i reckon there should be more battles at spots.maybe even comps and shit.i see the stuff from south america and round the world and its still pretty amazing.granted the colours are better and theres fancy arse caps but still it takes a lot of practise to get a high standard of style.the old school were ledgends that lit the flame,the new school are carrying the torch.if the torch isnt carried the flame will dye out and that would suck.especially after how many dudes have put it all on the line just to get up

  57. Your dead "deets", Im comin for ya.....

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  59. Today all you see is shit on the Internet yeah t.v. Killed the radio star graff has changed and it will never go back to what it was . I am so sick of seeing dudes like askew licking out revok arsehole or that lush dude thinking his doing something like banksy just to make a big name ... But I will tell you something now there are cats out there from back in the day still killing it Kings way one of the great books of all time on graff with some writers in it that are the best writers in the world

  60. You know what makes Graff wak these days the fact more than half those writers from 80-90s have stopped I all I see these days is old dudes bitching about kids I think it is actually funny because most lagging is done by the youngest teens or half you blokes from the golden era because police and apu have so much on evidence after 20 years our days court would lock you up, graff is just a pointless game to most if your to busy worried about what young kids are doing or writing on facebook how can you's improve!? Old people I know heaps of Old graffers and there even in some of kings way and now they have Facebook for their graff talk this discussion is pointless because it just goes round in circles regardless age group it's just talent

  61. Hi.
    That is so cute, I would of never thought of that. I am definitely making me one or maybe a few! Lol