Friday, September 25

Who Would Have Thought!

Four Legit Whole–cars on the Thalys! JONONE, SEAK, SOZYONE & ZEDZ!

Aerosol Era Launch

Wednesday, September 16


Like it or not, it's a top seller!

Friday, September 11

OUCH top to bottom

By special request, here's the original 88' unslashed OH burner prior to transit bastardization.

Monday, September 7

Awesome Old Footage!

The Book Launch Video – By MASE

Some classic old footage from a number of sources digitized and mixed by the original west side Frantic City Bomber and Zimbabwee breaker Master Mase One. He's a tattoo artist these days at Eternal Instinct Tattoo. Look him up for some ink.

Friday, September 4

Dynamic Force

This is now, that was then... The Dynamic Force breakers from Melbourne's outer Northern suburbs rocked up to the recent Melbourne Writers Festival. We've fished out their Fabulous 4 burner from 84/85'. The boys reassured us that they've still got the moves, let's get out the lino for some boppin' & poppin'!