Monday, September 7

Awesome Old Footage!


  1. Nice...
    The Sandy Boys?? There was no style at all then, just true boganism !

    For more nostalgia, check the channel 9 news report on the Syndal train crash in 1989 that I saw at the same page..

    Nice and fucked up Hitachis with some decorations...

  2. haha anyone remember the Moorabbin Bowies??

  3. i bombed red rattlers back in the days,,thats mostly what it was back then,gang graffiti,fun times

  4. old skool brisbane graff pics here pre 93,
    plus some melbourne 1988 pics, stories, links.. paste to your browser, click up a storm ;)

  5. moorabbin bowies eh? shit the name rings a bell, gettin too old.

    1. Started by dave n mick olino Highett WogSquad sidekicks ,absolute rubbish started by flick n dawson this is mal from the wogs cut your lies boys it does nobody any good we were the best and still are
      Stephen Mallett....Highett Wog Squad Forever

    2. hmmmm right you are steve side kicks they were and they do not admit to putting this statement out there whoever did need to get their facts right who said they started the highett wogs they didnt thats a fact.robert.ollino.

  6. I was a generation behind them.There were the Sandy boys who started around 75' eara.The same time as the "Moorabbin Sharps"."Moorabbin Bowies" (as in Bow Knifes)all went Moorabbin High .I think they used to hang at Moorabbin station around the time that piece(in the book) of that grim reaper character was.I remember it stayed there for at least 2 or 3 years before they painted over it.It was before graf as we know it took off and the general public thought it was pretty cool.Moorabbin Sharps,Moorabbin Bowies(as in Bow knife)and the Bowie(Beaumaris)Boys.These were 70's style Skin heads,tough bogan gangs but mostly fought between themselves.Other rival gangs "Bowie Boys" from Beaumaris.Also the "Chelt Sharps" from Celtenham high.I went to Sandy Tech the same school as these guys although in my era early 80's it was the Junor Sandy Boys.That Footage is so cool,takes me back!Riding red rattles was a bit like riding the scenic railway at Luna park.The That Simo Tag he was the leader and a big greek dude I remember,they were mostly wogs Greek,turks,italian and the odd Yugoslavian which I thought weird from such a bayside suburb.I knew a few of them well and they were nice guys.It came in handy to be on the right side of these guys.You know it!!!

  7. yo anonymous, that site ya posted the link to looks fresh but wants me to donate $$$ before they'll let me look at their flicks. i mean seriously, if ya dont want people to look at your photos without paying DONT PUT THEM ON THE FUCKING NET and put a fucking book/magazine out. ridiculous and very 'un hip hop'

  8. OK, who knows the artist who did "Maj Green Do a U Turn and Go Home" on the Gardenvale station bridge over Nepean Highway?

    One of my engimatic favourites for years until it was cleaned off.

  9. the moorabbin bowies david bowie wrote a song about them called teenage wildlife because molly meldrum
    mentioned them to him. toughest gang in melbourne in the late 70s early eighties. where nearly put up for the riot act first time since the 1930s because of the destruction they did in caufield caufield highett riot but after 60 odd arrests varying statements and the chief prosecuting officer was killed they were let of. all because five of them were attacked and jumped and one was stabbed. apperantly wasnt a crime commited in caufield for weeks after it.there were about 700 of them. dont here much about them these days funny ay 700 members all vanished,

    1. Caulfield-highett riot!!!
      Started with picking up my gf from a blue light disco in hawthorn rd scout hall on friday crazy in Caulfield after crystals disco on Saturday night...memories! Who has been writing these stories. .like to catch up...

  10. how i remember the moorabbin bowies skinheads,sharps
    started out as the moorabbin boys by flick and spanner
    changed to the moorabbin bowies at a party near turner road because of the merge of other gangs eastside highett vic sharps etc, the name change was
    by a victorian sharpie female debbie dawson.
    mostly australian born lads apart from most of the highett lads. remembered as melbournes toughest gang
    because of the amount of proffesional martial artists and boxers within the ranks lots known to this day.
    also had melbournes most serious gang fights caufield moorabbin highett riot soot outs with the bentleigh boys destroying the lebanese tigers who deserted and joined eventualy. remember the corrupt coppers and the
    fight with them on nepean highway. the special squad in that orange ford filled with illegal weapons to bash us. baby face the copper hitman oding with hits of herion , the acdc concert when a can of beer thrown by one of the bowies hit a cop off his horse
    and knocked him unconcious causing mass fights,
    when we went to fight the east bentleigh boys we were outnumbered with weapons and numbers so a couple of the bigger lads tore up a wooden station bench and
    the eastbentleigh boys ran in fear. how i remember the moorabbin bowies

  11. i remember the MOORABBIN BOWIES. We were many. The times when there were bon fires everywhere to be seen on Port phillip bay The fighters,the gang wars the first graffiti in Melbourne BY THE MOORABBIN BOWIES
    The deaths accidents the corrupt cops lots of those
    but they didnt go looking for trouble it came to them