Friday, July 24

Early DMA

Vintage Surrey Hills head Rerun sent these through via email. Possibly the first panels by Tame and New 2, certainly one of the first painted DMA productions. LARGE !

Monday, July 20

BORDERS : Melbourne Central Signing : TOMORROW 4:30PM

There will be another book signing this TUESDAY at 4.30-5.30pm, BORDERS; MELBOURNE CENTRAL. It's part of the TWO BLOCKS street festival. This is a good opportunity for those that feel they were hard done by with not getting there limited editions signed by hand. Please bring them down.

Friday, July 17


This is it! The Kings Way Book launches into orbit at ACMI, Federation Square, 6 til 9pm. The biggest Australian graffiti artist congregation in over a decade. Don't miss out, this will be the first and last time an event like this will take place. See you there! Kings Way authors.

Thursday, July 16

ARTS HUB Review!

Great review by Emma Johnston who remembers back. CLICK HERE

Wednesday, July 15

Limited Editions – DELIVERY UPDATE!

Yo peeps that ordered the Limited Editions! We've just been told there is yet another hold up with the ship container and the books wont be delivered until tomorrow! We are as pissed off as you are, believe me. We're doing our best to makes sure they get out the door on tomorrow's Express Post run meaning you should receive them the next day THIS FRIDAY. If we miss it and you are fumin' cos you wanna get some signatures Saturday night don't swet as there will be another final signing next week in town. Deets will be up on the blog soon so check back! 

Monday, July 13

Sunday, July 12


Seems the developed world understands the relevance of Graffiti Art Culture. Hopefully we'll see the same here in the not so distant future. CLICK HERE

Friday, July 10

See mum, I told ya!

Renaisance, Gothic, Japanese Art & Design, Impressionism, Dada, The History of British Art, Islamic Calligraphy, Cave Art and MELBOURNE GRAFFITI ART. You work it out!

Thursday, July 9

Limited Editions!

Some pics of the Limited Editions CLICK HERE. To all the peeps that have shown love and bought up big, i have been assured they will be out in the express post by mid next week. Stay tuned for further updates and thanks for your patience!

Monday, July 6

BiasB - New Track – Melbourne Memories

From the new Album 'AEROSOL ERA'. In all good stores now! For more go here.

Metropolis Book Signing!

check all the pics; click here.


I've got to admit that reading this book tonight I was moved to tears. For so long I tried to block all these years out of my consciousness. There were so many unbelievable happy memory's mixed in with out of proportion tragedy and loss. So many young creative people who lost their way and their outlet to make sense of it all and find belonging and community.

Making the decision to turn my back on graffiti back then was one of the most difficult adjustments I've ever had to make. It was a pretty extreme lifestyle that only those at the core of the scene could ever fully understand. It was completely lawless and detached from the regular 9-5 existence that the majority of society labored so hard to uphold. To walk away meant turning the volume of life down from level 110 to a quiet twilight whisper.

By the age of 18 it was mainly the prospect of jail that spelled the end of artistic expression for most, without the life affirming and self worth building side effects of active graffiti writing and creative expression, a large number increasingly turned to drugs to fill the void that had begun to grow within their hearts and souls after retirement. It was so sad to see so many close friends and people I loved either start to fade, look for even more destructive outlets or in the worst situations die by their own hands or by misadventure related to substance abuse. It really darkened my view of the world for a very long time; there were many times there where I even tried to exit the frame. Lucky for me I somehow made it out the other side.

It still fuckin’ drives me crazy that the law makers cant see what a valuable alternative this culture is and that they don’t realise the transformative powers it can potentially have on a young peoples lives? I personally learnt far more about myself and my abilities through my involvement in this culture than I ever did in school, to the point were I could actually use my experiences as a template to be applied to other challenges and learning curves. It's helped me to understand process and how to apply myself over prolonged periods to achieve positive outcomes in everyday tasks and bigger personal challenges that I encounter in my day-to-day existence.

Maybe all schools should adopt community painting projects for every year of study and every student to participate in, how crazy would that be. We could start to play a part again in how our community’s look and feel, and all have some sort of personal involvement and personal pride in our neighborhoods. We are tribal people and we need to belong yeah, as things are now it's like most of us have no connection or ties that bond us to our immediate environments. It's no wonder so many people are out of fuckin order. Oh well I guess there's no profit to be made in a happy, cohesive and functional society? Keep'em all acting like animals and we can turn the misery into an industry yeah, capitalist society, got to love it ha-ha. Anyway I'm getting way of track here, so all I meant to say was thanks guys for making the effort to put this all together, it's an important book in more ways than you can imagine, trust me. ;) Bless.


Friday, July 3

Today's Age!

Street Religion!

as spotted by Duplomatic!

Thursday, July 2

Metropolis Bookshop Saturday signing

The Kings Way authors will be joined by some of Melbourne's old school legends to sign copies of the book, this saturday 4th July, 3 - 430pm.
Metropolis Bookshop: level 3 Curtin House, 252 Swanston St Melbourne.

Limited Editions!

The limited editions are flying out the door. Congrats to all the lucky peeps that have snapped em up and also your patience on the wait! They are now on a ship from China and dock on the 12th July. We'll have em all in the post by the 15th. Hold tight, it will be worth it! 

The 'Smashed Comeng' is now officially SOLD OUT!  'The Oucher' is moving quick as well so if your hesitating and thinking you'll pick one up down the track you may miss out!