Tuesday, October 6


NHA and MBA letting loose on a dumped car circa 87'. The ultimate tag-mobile!


  1. So that's where the old Greek fish and chip shop dudes stolen Valiant ended up...:)

    That Valiant is probably worth a fortune now...or at least a bit more than what you woulda got in 87..worth even more with the guernseys.

  2. NHA Chelt Loop Kings. Paved the way for CR and CI crews and Franger line in general. Word.

  3. sick car would love to do that up now, this is nothing compared to some of the out of control vandalism and destruction that used to go down hahahaha,,time machine please, i wanna go back :)

  4. Chelt station car park,it sat there for ages.I think it was'nt until someone set it on fire that they took it away.I was impressed with Kems coverage,he and Mis were in competion that day I think.Although you only need one good well placed tag lol.You know it!!!

  5. lol, this is what kem & mis called "KEMMIST" code for kem mis trashin.bombin & trashin is an art for mis & kem ............MI$ the COLOR NHA

  6. is this blog now officially dead??

  7. Good question. Karl, Marty, Duro, what's da steez?? This has been one of the best blogs ever, can't you keep putting in some random shit?? I think you guys may probably be a bit over it, but I don't think WE are quite yet. It's what the fans want y'all.


  8. ah yes yes yall
    kings way blogspots a good call
    keep new posts rokin
    else me and pj be talkin

    window kicker now back in action
    guaranteed satisfaction

    mc sardine sammy

  9. window kicker, wasnt that dude just a myth? I heard back in the days there was many people sayin they were the dude Window Kicker. Sheeeet, I used to frown on that shit cos it'd mean ya carriages used to get pulled out of service quicker and ya tags buffed earlier.

  10. No that was Window Licka

  11. window kicker was real, i and other writers of that time kicked in windows on numerous occasions with him, a very lovable wierdo often seen flying by sitting on the connector at the tail of an express train reading his newspaper ect back then probably a bit difficult for todays yuppy writers to understand ?

  12. We used to luv kikn windows into opposite oncoming trains. We knew it was not 'cool' but fuk it was fun. So much aggression in a teen frightening to look back on....Great when trains used to pull into the station totally glassless (even the 'blacked out' guards cabin look in window would be destroyed. The Gumbies would be screaming.
    At least we gave the Met real reason for their late trains..Not shit like bending tracks and other pussy excuses.

    Oh yeah, by the way, Good Luck Metro Trains, welcome to our pox arse 3rd world Melbourne transit system...you are gonna need it.

    Dr Rap....

  13. I cant front, I used to love kickin out windows as well. Pullin out the rubbers sometimes you wouldnt even need to kick, sometimes ya'd get a window half dangling out not quite falling to the ground below. The big comeng windows used to fall out under their own weight. Pullin out six packs of comeng seats was also great fun, you could make a stash spot for your markers if you needed too. I saw the Herald sun tut tutting about a few kids doing a back on the other week. I used to ride the connecters in the MIDDLE of the train. Such misplaced outrage in that article.

  14. Did anyone ever find detonators under the sixpack seats near the guards cabin? I heard that thats where they were kept. I remember hearing about some dude getting fuked up by hitting one with a hammer.

    Anyone ever done a back-on through the loop express to Cliffo? I did...

    I saw Tuma KD and a friend who shall remain nameless do one..After we were getting spastic at Moomba 1990. They jumped on at Museum and I got carried away and jumped on at Parliament...too pissed to realise that it was gonna run express to Clifton Hill..We just laughed and enjoyed the ride, until we got saw cops flying beside us on Hoddle St. Also, some kids were watching us through the Guards Cabin. "Hey Daddy..check this out." Oh fuck. When the train stopped at Cliffo..The Bogan dad got out..flexed on us, but we dodged him and ran to the third car, our mate was held by the Dad..too pissed I think..the cops got him. We saw him later on proudly flashihg a $50 fine..."Protruding body from a moving carriage" they didn't have a fine specifically for back ons in those days. Still dont know if they have one now. Anyway, I ended up still getting busted for it (CCTV in the loop..Damn!!) and had to watch a slide show at Transport House...it was fukn grouse..flicks of burnt out blueys...busted up trains...graff...Yeah good Work Met...didnt do shit to deter me. I remember scale-model Hitachis in glass cases...I wanted one badly. Did anyone else go to this pathetic deterrent method slide show back in the day?

    I feel like Abe Simpson....

    Dr Rap !

  15. memories!

    ive made a new blog check it http://melbourneoldschooler.blogspot.com/