Saturday, June 20

R.I.P Iz the Wiz

Without the pursuits of our New York City forefathers, this great culture would be non existent. Iz the Wiz TMB was one of the most inspirational and influential writers of the pioneering New York scene, the longest reigning all city king in NYC history. Iz was known for his quick, simple, two letter throwups and colourful, fun letterstyles. Due to his massive commitment to the art and subsequent years of exposure to toxic paint fumes, Iz acquired Kidney failure and after a lengthy struggle, sadly passed away on the 18th June 2009. The car seen above "Hell IZ for children" awe inspired many Melbourne kids, along with Iz's immortal words in the film Style Wars. Rest In Peace. A true graffiti legend, you will never be forgotten. Chek out Iz's profile here

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