Saturday, June 27

Australian Edge

Interview with the authors. Click here.


  1. Lookin pretty thugged out there fellas :)

  2. Nice photoshoot, minus the blow-dryers !

    "Its one of those visceral entities that doesn’t have a literal description or palpable explanation...."

    Nice one Marty, still can't understand ya, but this is gonna be dope all the same. You dudes are re-injecting a lot of dead souls with a big arse adrenaline shot by finally releasing this magnum opus.

    Word boys, Hats off and I really hope you get to gain the artistic immortiality that you "full-on" deserve.

    MC Duplomatic- Hursty Kings

    "By the time the night has passed, all of Melbourne catches a taxi home and then drunkenly remembers to start "googling GS38..... and shit.....""