Friday, June 19

Old School Danny

"After checking it out slowly and carefully last night, I can honestly say, it's an absolutely outstanding effort. I'm not being provincial in any way, but it's clearly obvious to anybody with any type of interest in the subject, Kings Way is simply one of the best books of its type ever produced or released. Period." 
Old School Danny, VISION 14 (pictured)
Pic by DJ Krisy, 1985


  1. Nice post guys! sounds great....

  2. There are hair do's and hair don'ts, that is definitely a hair do's!
    Love the bleached ratties!

  3. the shining positivity that everyones seeing through this book is amazing. this truly demonstrates a true artform that through misinterpreted, ignorant ideas of modern urban reality is actually a certified, significant and absolute art.

    peace.. Abso one

  4. last i heard that guy had gone bald ;) hehehehe

  5. Bej, Nice to see you scored a good shot in the book!
    Brings back the memories of Diceing with Death!

  6. i ran out of hand lotion and tissues gazing at this image :) hahahaha