Saturday, May 30

Sneak Peak!

Some sample spreads of what to expect on the inside!


  1. I loved the smell of tuxan in the morning!

  2. Thank You so much for resurrecting the good old days and all their great memories, good and bad. Proud to have been a part of the greatest creative culture on earth amongst some amazing artists and fantastic people.

    Cam - RFK!

  3. REPRESENT OZ!!!!!


  4. l bet you bleed krylon. talk about devoted. a really inspiring documentary that is as relevant today as it was back then.


  5. Fukin beside myself, hurry up already. Must have asap


  6. Duro and co
    I cant wait to read this, Congrats guys you deserve it as does any writer who has blazed the wild trails of melburn.
    This is education and history deserves its voice.

  7. I want this book so bad it makes my gut ache.


  8. What an incredible legacy and way to immortalise such an important time in this culture's history! Kudos to the three of you for bringing it to fruition!

  9. Ah man I've been waiting for something like this for years!

    Finally we have a Aussie Style version of Subway Art & Spraycan Art.

    And look at the list of contributers - you can't go wrong.

    Good work guys this is something to be VERY proud of. Hopefully it will help inspire other states in Australia to follow and it will help re-ignite Aussie styles and new schoolers can get off the euro dick.

  10. b boy with a mullett only in australia!

    cant wait for the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. any1 heard bout seci ?
    wats he up to ?

  12. Where are my posts? I thought they were worthy and relevant, but they have been deleted.

    The entire book is based on expression of thought, but the ‘powers that be’ determine that my thoughts should be removed from this site; buffed from existence like a tag or panel. If the book isn’t going to support the ideal that it is solely based on, ‘expression of opinion’, then what is the books reason for being and how does it justify its own existence?

    Surely, a publication such as this is indicative of a higher ideal, but if such a premise is lost on those who created it then it is truly disappointing.

    I was there in the 1980’s and let me tell you it was full noise hardcore, but if the book isn’t going to support or even worse seek to curtail the hardcore ideals that are ultimately responsible for its existence, then it becomes a publication of reduced merit because it borders on fraudulent.

    For those that think it is just about the photographs, you are wrong and must think a little deeper.

    Nic Albon

  13. Take it easy tiger! Don't cry just because someone did a bit of a tidy up and kept the relevant comments that were... relevant! Save your highfalutin talk for the boardroom. Getting back to Kings Way, I'm sure the book will live up to all the expectations and the hype it deserves. Congratulations to the fellows who devoted all their personal time and expenses to create this bible. If anyone has a gripe with what goes on in this site which is obviously the responsibility of those who wrote Kings Way then go out and put your own book together, we'll be waiting brother...

  14. Chill out pussy cat! Don’t get cut because I have moved the discussion of the book on from topics such as: 'yeah I can’t wait', 'looks good', and other pointless sycophant comments such as yours.

    Are egos so fragile that objective criticism of the book or the making of comments that aren’t deemed as being related to the book to be viewed as personal attacks on the authors?

    Seemingly yes, talk about insecurity.


    Ps. it’s hard to paint a big picture for a small mind.

    Pps. you’re not my brother.

  15. u guys should go on the footy show... ha ha

  16. I'm not laughing, this is serious!

    It's not just about the photographs but so MUCH more!

    A bit like Lance isn't all about the bike!

    Digging it on many levels.


    Ps.If some of us wern't so far ahead others wouldn't be so far behind.

  17. i have had the opportunity to quickly flick through this book and have declined.

    I am sitting here, sweating bullets, waiting for the postie to drop mine off. Where I will then tell the wife and kids to leave me alone, locked in my room until I am ready to face the world again.

    I cannot express how much this book has rekindled by passion for Melbourne graffiti, which had been found waning over the last few years.

    It IS NOT just about the photos, but so much more. But what a beautiful starting point and what a fantastic way to immortalise so many great writers...there will be so many stories and memories sparked by this book.

    This book is not the be all and end all, but just the beginning.

    I'm in love again...

    Thanks fellas

  18. Oy Lawyer Man....

    Its ALL ABOUT THE ART !!!- FUCKWIT, EVERYTHING ELSE CAME LATER..(Like posing and pretentious wankers such as yourself..who cares what you are now...) The art was the single cell that multiplied and evolved into a movement that also just happened to attract dildos such as yourself.

    Lawyer cockhead ! Go and defend a pedophile, child abuser or Granny basher or....