Friday, September 3

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Thursday, May 27

The Paperback Reprint of Kings Way!

That's right, first edition, 5000 copies, Sold Out in under 10 months from release! It's already been reprinted, this time round in a paperback cover, and is now on a ship from China. It should be in stores in the coming weeks. Here's some pics of the advance copy; matt laminated, embossed and some slick gloss varnish goin' on. Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 23

Tuesday, October 6


NHA and MBA letting loose on a dumped car circa 87'. The ultimate tag-mobile!

Friday, September 25

Who Would Have Thought!

Four Legit Whole–cars on the Thalys! JONONE, SEAK, SOZYONE & ZEDZ!

Aerosol Era Launch

Wednesday, September 16


Like it or not, it's a top seller!

Friday, September 11

OUCH top to bottom

By special request, here's the original 88' unslashed OH burner prior to transit bastardization.